5 reasons why retinol must be part of your skin care routine

5 reasons why retinol must be part of your skin care routine

Skincare advice on the internet can seem like a real Pandora’s box. That’s why we’re keeping it simple, sharing only what works. Today our focus is on retinol - the first thing that springs to mind (other than sun safety of course) when we think of how to achieve healthier, glowing skin.  

“There is no other active ingredient known to be as effective as retinol for repair and plumping of your skin. Great post summer!” Nikki Bunkall - Brand Ambassador

Retinol can work wonders for keeping your skin healthy. It evens out sun spots and dull complexions. Assists with toning, hydrating and clarifying the skin. We share our top five reasons why we recommend retinol as part of your daily skin care routine.

Retinol can fight signs of ageing -  Retinol, also known as vitamin A, is a super ingredient that helps keep skin fresh and youthful. As we age, we lose our collagen stores. Retinol promotes collagen production and even prevents the breakdown of existing collagen.

Retinol for even skin tone - A hard working ingredient, retinol stimulates skin cell turnover and interacts with the melanocytes in our skin. Vitamin A can work its way into the melanocyte and correct any damage in the cell.

Retinol for glow - It’s for the same reasons above; retinol’s ability to promote rapid cellular turnover, that makes way for healthy new skin cells and a luminous epidermis. 

Retinol to clear your acne - By unclogging pores, retinol clears skin and helps prevents further outbreaks from occurring.

Retinol and sun damage - Retinol reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation from sun damage and helps to neutralise free-radicals.

Our retinol based serums are available online and come in a 0.5 Vitamin A strength for those just starting on their retinol journey and a 1% Vitamin A for those those already accustomed to retinol’s game-changing ways. 

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