As New Zealand’s first locally developed beauty therapy brand, Joyce Blok is tailor-made for our unique climate and skin care requirements. 

Inspired by our clean, green backyard, while continually adapting alongside worldwide advances in skin care, Joyce Blok contains naturally sourced actives and high-performance cosmeceutical ingredients. Trusted by beauty therapists, salons and spas, our products don’t harm your skin or the environment. 

We’ve cared for skin for over 50 years, providing the highest quality formulations to repair, protect and prevent in the name of healthy, radiant skin. 

A professional New Zealand skincare range powered by results-driven beauty, we’re here for your entire journey. From the teenage years to ageing well and every chapter in between—we have the skin solution you’re after. 

Discover Joyce Blok

50 years of beauty wisdom

  • Our Founder

    The origin of Joyce Blok goes back to the early 1970’s, when Dutch beauty therapist Joyce Blok opened New Zealand’s first beauty therapy college.

    Joyce wanted her students to be able to use quality professional skincare products during their training. This desire led our endlessly diligent Joyce to work with some of Europe’s leading suppliers of natural skincare ingredients, an aromatherapist and a New Zealand cosmetic chemist to develop a range of professional skin care products. Today we continue the legacy of Joyce, with a range that embodies the wisdom of the ages, together with the latest advances in natural-source ingredients. 

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