5 steps to seriously glowing skin

5 steps to seriously glowing skin

We could stick to seasonal beauty clichés and wait until summer to talk to you about glowing skin. But we think, why wait? Particularly when a lit from within glow is obtainable any time of year. It’s all about simple steps which can quickly become habitual and give you the radiance boost your skin is more than capable of. 

5 tips to get the glow

  • Hydrate - The simplest trick in the book for any skincare concern is hydration. H20, the elixir of the gods, helps cell regeneration and supports your digestive system to clear toxins from the body and improve your complexion for healthy, glowing skin. Aim for at least a litre per day. If you need to make things more interesting, add some berries, lemon, coriander, cucumber or even a sprig of rosemary to your water for a little flavour. 
  • Exfoliate - When skin cells build up on the surface, your skin can appear dull and lacklustre. Weekly exfoliation helps to unclog pores and buff away the old layer of skin to reveal the younger, healthier skin cells underneath. Try: JB’s Alpha-Beta Face & Body Exfoliant to gently remove surface impurities and dead skin cells to refresh and stimulate cellular renewal. 
  • Weekly facemasks - Masks are often reserved for once-in-a-while Friday night pamper sessions, but to elevate radiance, we recommend incorporating a mask into your skincare routine once a week. Call us unconventional, but we like to start our week on a good note and apply our mask on a Monday. Try: JB’s Vitamin Cream Mask for nourishing hydration enriched with a synergistic vitamin complex to renew and rebalance. 
  • Use brightening skincare ingredients - If we were pressed to choose just one secret-weapon ingredient for glow, it’s vitamin C!  A rich antioxidant vital for skin health, this radiance-boosting molecule supports collagen growth and increases cell turnover. Try: JB’s Serum C20 with 20% vitamin C, the optimum strength for maximum skin brightening benefits. 
  • Take sleep health seriously - There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep. During sleep, our body boosts blood flow to the skin, which explains why you wake to a healthy glow after a good snooze. Without proper rest, your complexion can look dull or washed out. Aim for at least 7 hours a night.       

Individually – exfoliating, using targeted ingredients, applying weekly masks and getting enough water and shut-eye each make a positive difference to your skin. But integrating them all makes for supremely healthy skin. And in the beauty world, healthy skin equates to a ridiculously radiant glow!

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