An Alpha Beta how to guide

An Alpha Beta how to guide

Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids are highly effective methods of exfoliation. Using Alpha-Beta’s together helps tackle skin conditions from the outside and within for a bevy of benefits. 

AHA’s: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, delivers glow, improves pigmentation, skin texture and tone. 

BHA’s: Balances oil production, calms inflammation, clears clogged pores and even helps remove ingrown hairs. 

How to use our Alpha Beta Collection 

  • Alpha Beta Cleanser 6%:  For a thorough cleanse that also hydrates and soothes, massage a small amount over your dry face and neck, then remove with soothing warm water and a face cloth. Repeat for best results.
  • Alpha Beta Concentrate 15%:  Revitalise a dull skin, clarify your acne-prone areas or boost an ageing complexion by applying one or two drops of the concentrate to your skin. Use at night, after cleansing, applying gently. Leave on and follow up with your night cream or your recommended overnight mask. Cleanse your skin in the morning.  
  • Alpha Beta Gel Cream 4.5%:  We recommend using this antioxidant-enriched moisturiser in the evening and in combination with Joyce Blok’s Super Serum.
  • Alpha Beta Face & Body Exfoliant 8% :  After cleansing, remove impurities and stimulate cellular renewal by massaging this revitalising exfoliant over dry skin for a couple of minutes. Emulsify with water and continue smoothing over the face and body. Rinse off, tone and moisturise. Use 2-3 times weekly. A beautiful self-care ritual for the ultimate alpha-beta glow.

Remember - Alpha Beta’s mean sunscreen is especially essential. Try JB’s BB Cream SPF30 for beautiful, protected coverage.

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