How Joyce Bloks’ Anti-Ageing range ‘talks’ to your skin

How Joyce Bloks’ Anti-Ageing range ‘talks’ to your skin

Skincare so advanced, it communicates with your skin

In an ideal world, we’d be able to talk to our skin, ask it what it’s missing and give it clear instructions like, “please focus on building more collagen!”. At Joyce Blok, this is actually a very achievable goal.   

Our Anti-Ageing range works to minimise the appearance of existing wrinkles and help prevent the formation of new lines. It provides a daily action to help firm and smooth the face, neck and décolleté to reveal a radiant glow. So how does it do all this while conversing with our body’s largest organ?  

The Anti-Ageing range naturally encourages a more youthful complexion by facilitating intercellular communication within the skin! The professional formulations are enriched with two intelligent peptides that function as messengers, allowing the epidermis and dermis to communicate more efficiently. 

The first of these ‘talking’ ingredients is one of the most effective cell-communicating peptides in skin care; Matrixyl 3000 promotes collagen synthesis and encourages improved firmness and tone. This clever peptide mimics the appearance of broken collagen strands which signal to the skin that collagen has been lost, causing the skin to react naturally by producing more. 

Argireline is a peptide which enhances these actions while actively working to calm stressed skin. Argireline relaxes facial tension, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and preventing further skin ageing. 

Another incredible ingredient is White Tea which features in the Anti-Ageing Day Cream. While it doesn’t communicate in the here and now, it does tap into the future. Defending you from early signs of ageing by protecting your skin from pollution and free radical damage.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of New Zealand skin types and expertise in blending naturally sourced active ingredients, our researchers have selected an innovative mix of ingredients to help keep age concerns at bay while keeping up with modern advances in communication. We expect it in all other areas of our lives, so why not in our skincare? 

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