Just BE with JB these holidays

Just BE with JB these holidays

The holiday season is all about taking the time to just be, not do. That wonderful time of year when you forget what day it is. Ahhh such a treat. It does, however, feel quite a long way away as we begin the countdown to the end of the year! To help ease the pain we have launched our annual holiday collections a little earlier than usual.

This year the JB team decided to name the collections after our favourite states of mind that a break away brings. That renewed sense of happiness, calmness, and balance. Each set reflects the essence of the skincare as well. Happiness associated with the bubbliness of our peptides, calmness reflected in our delicious neroli essence and the balance that marigolds offer nature.

We encourage you, our JB Beauties, to embrace a ‘vacation feeling’ as often as possible and that the extra goodies in our holiday packs invoke the sense of happiness, calm and balance in your daily routine that we hoped they would. An investment in your own self-care is a wonderful way to fortify you against the busy-ness of the coming weeks.

Enjoy xx

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