Mask Love

Mask Love

Ahhh face masks. We love the after-mask feeling of hopping into bed, knowing we’ve had a moment in the day for ourselves and given our skin some nurturing. Nothing beats it, except perhaps the feeling of wearing a mask while swanning around in a towel robe before getting ready to go out, a deliciously fun way of caring for our skin while channelling serious Oscar party prep vibes!

When it comes to masks, it makes sense to choose one specific to your needs.

To inspire your selection we present our guide with a mask to tackle every skincare issue. We’ve even thrown in our favourite hair mask. 1. Because why not? 2. Because it’s autumn, the season of self care.

Our Mask Guide

Dull, tired or oily skin – Clay Masks are popular for cleansing and smoothing. Think of it as your ultimate reset! Our pick is JB’s Linden Refining Mask. Featuring Kaolin clay – the gentlest clay in skincare. As well as having soothing, restorative properties it’s also jam packed with anti-oxidants.

Dry, damaged or sensitive skin – Cream Masks are perfect for those with dry, sun damaged or sensitive skin. JB’s Vitamin Cream Mask is otherwise known as our overnight sleep mask. Enriched with vitamins it gets to work nourishing, moisturising, and rehydrating while you get some shut-eye. If that’s not beauty sleep, we don’t know what is!

Problem skin – For congested, mild acne apply a drop of JB’s Alpha-Beta Concentrate, while not officially a mask we use it in a mask like manner. Apply to skin for 4 to 8 minutes and remove or leave on skin overnight and cleanse in the morning. It refines and clarifies the complexion while offering the protective, antioxidant benefits of green tea and bilberry extract. (For highly acneic skin use under supervision).

Antiaging (and more!) – As much as we think of collagen for antiaging, it’s not the only reason we reach for it. JB Brand Ambassador Nikki Bunkall’s favourite is the JB Collagen & Elastin Mask “It would be a great mask when your skin has been under a bit of stress, either hormonally or environmentally from the sun or wind. Definitely not just for antiaging but for recovery and hydration too. Great for change of season for sure!“

We hope this edit inspires you to mask up, not just in the name of beauty but for self care. Because you deserve it. We all do. x

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