Skin Cycling

Skin Cycling

A skincare trend worth knowing

These days, removing your makeup before bed isn’t the only skincare rule to live by and the simple ’cleanse, tone and moisturise’ has become a distant memory. Amidst all the noise, how can we use the right skincare ingredients while keeping our routines easy enough to maintain?  

If you haven’t already caught wind of the recent skincare trend taking social media by storm, allow us to introduce skin cycling. A method of applying skincare over a four-night schedule. The routine streamlines your regimen and reduces the risk of reaction from active ingredients.

The creator of this viral method is board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD.” Key to Dr Bowe’s approach is recovery. “I’ve treated thousands of patients for over a decade as a dermatologist”, says Bowe, “and I find that one of the top mistakes people make is that they don’t build in nights for their skin barrier to recover.” She likens the approach to that of a workout, "your muscles need recovery days, your mind needs recovery days, so it makes sense that your skin also benefits from recovery days.” 

So let’s cut to the chase. What are the steps? 

  • Night one: Carry out your regular skincare routine, but use an exfoliant instead of strong actives. 
  • Night two: Retinoid time
  • Then, take two nights off before repeating the cycle. Easy right? Bowe goes into greater detail on her website, explaining, "on recovery nights, focus on nourishing your skin microbiome and repairing your skin barrier—think hydration and moisture." 

A method which simplifies your routine, increases product efficiency, improves skin health without risk of irritation? Count us in! 

Reach out to your local JB expert for advice on what exfoliation, retinol and hydrating recovery products would best suit this approach.

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