#SKINNERD Keratosis pilaris

#SKINNERD Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is a build up of a protein called keratin. It is very common, harmless and not infectious. It is more prominent in the winter months. Whilst you may think it is a sign your skin is getting oily, it is actually worse if your skin is dry or flaky - often at the end of winter. The small bumps may be skin coloured, red or brown. Your skin can feel rough and sometimes may be a little itchy. 

Whilst keratosis pilaris usually clears up on its own, the use of AHA products help to improve the appearance of the skin. Our Alpha Beta Face & Body Exfoliant will help loosen dead skin cells, moisturise and soften dry skin. 

When using  product new to your routine test it on one area of the affected skin first. You need to be sure any product works for you and doesn’t cause a reaction. This will only make you even more self conscious.

Others things to try to improve your bumpy skin

  • Enjoy warm water - hot water remove oils from the skin.
  • Try a humidifier - low humidity during the winter dries out the skin.
  • Stay in you pyjamas - well sort of. Tight clothes cause friction on the skin and can aggravate the condition so make sure you’re dressing comfortably.
  • Use our Alpha Beta Face & Body Exfoliant 3 x times a week. We know we’ve already said this but like all good things repetition is the key to success.

Any feed back? Do you have a keratosis pilaris story? We look forward to hearing from you info@joyceblok.co.nz

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