Summer after-care

Summer after-care

With so much in life to take care of, who has time to study the vitamin ABC’s of skincare? Through our JB journals, we’re here to make things easy. Introducing topics, tips and products to help you navigate your journey towards healthy, gorgeous skin.

So let’s dive straight in with vitamin E, the no.1 ingredient you should have on your radar post-summer because as much as we don’t want to admit it, summer is on its way out. Among the beautiful sandy memories of bach time and hanging out your togs to dry, summer leaves damaged skin in its wake. And while it might not seem that way right now, the cumulative effect of summer’s without aftercare shows itself in dull, aged and lifeless skin.

Here are our top three reasons why vitamin E should be a skincare staple this season:

It’s hydrating: Vitamin E is a super hydrating molecule, even working two jobs to bring relief to dehydrated skin. One as a humectant, to absorb water into the skin. Two as an emollient to keep water in the skin. This diligent approach to hydration provides long-lasting moisture retention.

It’s an antioxidant: Antioxidants protect skin from harmful free radicals, the molecules in the environment that weaken skin’s elasticity and attack its collagen stores leading to fine lines and premature ageing.

It’s anti-inflammatory: A natural anti-inflammatory, it has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. Perfect for restoring balance to the skin.

These skin-loving benefits also lend themselves well to the damaging effect that stress and fatigue can have on the skin. JB’s healing skin hero is our Vitamin E 15% Serum. Our answer to a protected, healthy, dewy complexion. On offer now with a free Vitamin Cream Mask. A delicious and seriously effective way to care for your skin this autumn so you can hold on to all the beautiful memories of summer, without the aftermath.

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