The beauty of Christmas

The beauty of Christmas

As a skincare brand, we’re obsessed with beauty. But we also appreciate that beauty isn’t just skin deep; it can be found in a smile, family traditions, that first cup of coffee in the morning, the comfort of your favourite well loved summer t-shirt… the list is endless.

So, when we asked a few of our Joyce Blok brand ambassadors what Christmas means to them, we weren’t at all surprised by their responses. Here’s what some of them had to say;

  • Nikki Bunkall “Christmas to me is about family time, spending it with loved ones and the gift of giving. Not just giving physical gifts but giving time and seeing the happiness on everyone’s faces”
  • Vanessa Shepherdson “Christmas means spending time with family, baking with the kids, giving, laughter and lots of love!”
  • Natalie English “Christmas is time for family and close friends, the surprise and laughter of gifts being given and received, time for relaxing… and overindulging. Sun (we hope), sand, sea and leftovers!”
  • Brooke Duder “Christmas for me means nostalgic movies, decorating the house with wreaths and red ribbons, the smell of pine needles, the endless sweeping up of pine needles, and an excuse to rest, indulge and look back on all I’m grateful for in the year that was”.

As a general theme, our team expressed that beauty isn’t found in the receiving of gifts but in the giving and in the simple pleasure of quality family time. It was also found in the unexpected, like leftovers! (scalloped potatoes and a thick slice of pav on Boxing Day - how good!). We hope this blog serves as a reminder to look for beauty everywhere - even in the chaos of the silly season. In fact, especially during the silly season. It might sound cheesy, but it certainly is a magical time of year.  

Seasons greetings from all of us here at JB HQ!

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