THE HISTORY OF JB MAN – A love story

THE HISTORY OF JB MAN – A love story

This collection has a special significance for the team as we have very fond memories of its launch. At the time, as samples and formulation changes were being approved, one of the team was falling in love! Each new stage of approval marked another step towards two new products and more exciting developments in the romance. We recall the launch of the products at Pullman Hotel Auckland, one of our favourite locations, with fits of giggles and lots of ‘awwhh’s. Those early days of a budding relationship became part of the energy of the range.

Fourteen years on and our JB Man is successful part of the product range – and the romance is still going strong you will be pleased to hear.

On the label X JB MAN

Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract) - Daily Moisturiser

The unique cocktail of powerful antioxidants (called catechins) found within Green Tea help to combat the effects of free radicals and environmental aggressors while contributing to the health of the skin. In some cases, its anti-inflammatory properties can even neutralise the damage caused through sun exposure. Moreover, Green Tea works to rejuvenate ageing cells, promote regeneration, and improve skin healing. 

Jojoba Micro-beads – Daily Cleansing Scrub

Like our Gentle Exfoliant we were looking for non-abrasive natural ingredients to be a key feature of this product. Jojoba micro-beads remove dead skin cells and oily build-ups in way that is gentle enough for this product to be used every day. Cleansing at night is not just for the women in the household and this product allows the skin to be the perfect canvas for our Super Serum in the evenings. In combination with Aloe Vera, we produced a soothing, healing antibacterial product that is perfect for an evening ritual.

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