The spirit of a Kiwi Christmas…

The spirit of a Kiwi Christmas…

In the land of the long white cloud, Christmas hit’s differently. The days are warm and coated in sunlight, buzzy bees hum as if on a pub crawl of flowers, and the refreshing scent of pine needles infuse the air as our trees claim the best spot in the lounge. And despite not having the winter whimsy bestowed upon our European counterparts, we reckon nothing beats a good ol’ Kiwi Christmas. The traditional greens and reds of the season aren’t just decoration here - our natural landscape embodies them; think the deep reds of pohutukawa and the rich greens of native trees.

Our natural, relaxed take on the festive season extends to how and where we like to spend the summer. Popping Christmas crackers in the backyard or bach, taking turns to read the terrible jokes and sporting a fabulously coloured tissue paper hat until it tears at the seams, serving yourself another slice of pav, and a cup of punch (because heck - tis the season!), and ducking for cover when a spot of amateur cricket turns from family entertainment to downright risky business, and a window needs fixing come Jan.

For us, Christmas is about fun and freedom. Undone looks, natural hair, bare-faced beauty. All in the spirit of ‘take us as we are’. It’s also about giving. As our JB Ambassador Nikki Bunkall shared recently, “it’s not just about gifts, but about giving time”.  

The only thing we’d ask of you is to be safe out there, be sun smart and get your SPF game sorted (you’ll thank us later!). If you’re on our mailing list, you know we’ve got you covered with our Christmas gift set collections. No late-night mall visits needed!  

After all this year has brought us, we’re determined to soak up every sun filled inch of this very festive season, and we hope that you do too. You deserve it JB beauties!

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