What do sunflowers, vitamin E and happiness have in common?

What do sunflowers, vitamin E and happiness have in common?

Ahh January, the month of fresh starts, positivity and unbridled optimism. Rather fittingly, it also marks the beginning of sunflower season here in New Zealand. Delightfully bright and cheerful, we couldn’t think of a better flower to represent summer joy.  As we haven’t seen too much sun so far in 2023 our sunflowers have been a great substitute we’ve found!

Not only do sunflowers resemble miniature suns, they actually follow daylight across the sky. They have biological clocks which guide them to turn their heads and follow this bright star as it moves from east to west during the day. How beautiful this flower which chases the light! 

Inspired by these happy blooms, we have a special offer this January; when you purchase a Serum Vitamin E 15%, (our bright star) you’ll receive a FREE Everyday Sun Fitness SPF15. 

Our Vitamin E 15% Serum works to renew, soften and protect skin from free radicals and environmental damage.  

What are the game-changing ingredients in JB’s Vitamin E Serum? 

  • Ginger Root Extract — An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it helps to reduce redness and even aids in mild pain relief.
  • Rapeseed Oil — An essential fatty acid rich in omega 3 and 6 to soften, nourish and transport vitamin E into the skin.  
  • Pomegranate — A powerful antioxidant which protects skin from UVB-induced oxidative stress, stimulates epidermal rejuvenation and is rich in skin-loving vitamin C.   

We hope you enjoy a bright and beautiful summer, but as skin experts, it’s our duty to say, please stay sun smart and look after your precious complexion. Our offer is our way of helping you with that.   

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