Who we are - An introduction

Who we are - An introduction

Joyce Blok Professional Skin Care is a brand, a personality and an inspiration to beauty professionals, salon and spa-goers. In addition beauty fans, that do not have easy access to a local Joyce Blok Expert, enjoy our products via our online store.

Our dual audience, business owners and consumers, demand we showcase the best of the best. Our team of extraordinary talent is dedicated to making Joyce Blok (JB) the first choice for all beauty professionals in New Zealand and accessible to all lovers of professional products both nationally and beyond.

The brand’s philosophy emphasises the use of natural ingredients that are sourced locally wherever possible, and that are gentle yet effective on the skin. We place a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, with a commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting fair trade and animal welfare.​

Healthy skin solutions – that’s us

Joyce Blok combines the best of science, nature, and the philosophy of professional treatments via our JB Experts. The research and development of all products draws on the latest worldwide advances in skin care. We focus on providing a complete solution to treat the skin, by offering an essential care range for daily use along with an enhanced care line which contains highly effective cosmeceutical ingredients.

Why JB?

We’ve cared for skin for over 50 years, providing the highest quality formulations to repair, protect and prevent in the name of healthy, glowing skin. A professional skincare range powered by results-driven beauty, we’re here for your entire journey. From the teenage years to ageing well and every chapter in between — we, and our beauty partners, have the skin solution you’re after. Thank you for being part of our success…

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