Why men’s skincare matters

Why men’s skincare matters

Women are building an impressive skincare vocabulary. Their morning and evening routines are carried out with intention and diligence. And while in 2022, we’re excited to see that men are becoming increasingly interested in their skin health - there’s still a pretty sizable gap. Why? Because men aren’t marketed to in the same way. They aren’t told to care for themselves—at least not to the extent women are. Male-targeted campaigns stick to the basics. And serums? Forget it.

But here’s the thing, skincare shouldn’t be gender specific. Here at JB, skin is skin. We appreciate that men and women don’t differ in their desire for youthful, healthy radiance and we all face the same skin aggressors; stress, sun, and ageing. Gender aside, if you’re a living, breathing human being, cleansing, hydration, protection with antioxidants and SPF are all key to healthy skin you can feel confident in.    

Today, we want to remind men that your skin health does matter. Serums are for you, and your routines don’t need to be complicated - you just need (and deserve) to have one.

As New Zealand’s first locally developed beauty therapy brand, Joyce Blok has created products designed specifically for our unique climate and skin care requirements. The range promotes natural, active ingredients and our research and development draw on worldwide advances in skin care.

Whether you’re a skincare expert, novice or somewhere in-between, we’ve made things easy with our annual holiday collection. Available in three types; Normal, Sensitive and Anti-Ageing. Each thoughtfully curated with all the products and high-performance ingredients you need for a complete skincare routine. Plus, a ten-day travel size of our hero product for the season - Serum CEF. Adding Serum CEF to your daily routine will increase protection against UV rays and stimulate collagen synthesis!

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