Winter wellness to nourish mind, body and skin

Winter wellness to nourish mind, body and skin

While we love winter dearly, its extremes can be pretty harsh. So to help you thrive through what’s left of the chilly season we sat down at the JB HQ and curated some of the teams favourite seasonal tips to nourish mind, body and skin. 

Elevate your shower Tie a bundle of eucalyptus and rosemary leaves around your shower head. Not only does it look ‘spa-like’ but the steam and heat from the shower helps release the aromatherapy power of the plant to aid relaxation and an uplifted spirit.

Skincare Our Alpha-Beta Radiance Cleanser and Tonic Lotion are the perfect duo to bring light to the winter months. As a bonus, they work together to improve the moisture balance and smoothness of the skin. 

Thermal Balm Keep a thermal balm handy to warm the body and soothe the mind. We love Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm - an ultra soothing botanical blend of menthol and camphor balm with pure essential oils, to reduce stress in tired muscles and accelerate the body’s own repair.

Schedule selfcare If selfcare doesn’t come naturally, a good way to get into the habit is to schedule it as you would anything else too important not to miss. Choose a soothing colour in your online calendar or physical diary and block it out. Try a larger block once a week as well as shorter daily occurrences. Once a month include an exciting selfcare event like a sound bath or spa visit to one of our JB Experts.

Sleep aid There’s nothing more nourishing for mind, body and beauty than a good night’s sleep. Mothermade’s PM blend help you reach a deeper sleep and replenish you while you do. It includes relaxing adaptogens to help wind down, powerful antioxidant action to help your skin glow, and prebiotic fibre for a happy, healthy gut. 

We hope these tips make winter all the more delicious. x

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