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Joyce Blok Skincare

Vitamin Cream Mask

Vitamin Cream Mask


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A nourishing, moisturising mask enriched with a synergistic vitamin complex of vitamins A, E, F, and B5. Use once or twice weekly. Or wear as a sleep mask for an overnight boost. 

We can’t wait for you to try our Vitamin Skin Cream Mask and take your skincare to the next level with a considered blend of botanical ingredients, all working together for softer, smoother, more supple skin.

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Aqua, liquid paraffin, sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil, purified lanolin, beeswax, talc, octyl palmitate, paraffin, wheat germ (triticum vulgare) oil, kaolin, Soluvit CLR [PEG-35 castor oil and polysorbate 20 and horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) extract and vitamin A – retinyl palmitate and vitamin E – tocopherol and PABA and inositol and calcium pantothenate and linoleic acid, and biotin], zinc oxide, borax, calendula (calendula officinalis) oil, geranium (geranium maculatum) oil, BHT, methyl and propyl paraben.

How to use

After cleansing and exfoliating, apply to the face and neck. Leave to work for 15 minutes. Gently remove. Follow with the appropriate tonic lotion and moisturiser. Use once or twice weekly or as an overnight booster.

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